The Red Sox bounced back Saturday, defeating the Kansas City Royals 5-3 with Jacoby Ellsbury having a big game. Ellsbury went 4-5 with two doubles and two RBI.

In his first game in the majors since June, 3rd baseman Will Middlebrooks had a solid game, going 2-4 with 2 RBI. If he can revert to the Will Middlebrooks of old, the Red Sox are going to be hard to beat. If you are interesting in betting on the next Red Sox game, see a list of sports betting sites.

Felix Doubront only allowed 3 runs but was unable to make it out of the 5th inning. Brandon Workman ended up getting the win after his relief of Felix Doubront. Koji Uehara pitched a perfect 9th to earn his 12th save of 2013.

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RED SOX (58-38)
Ellsbury CF
Nava RF
Pedroia 2B
Ortiz DH
Gomes LF
Carp 1B
Lavarnway C
Holt 3B
Iglesias SS
Pitching: RHP Brandon Workman (0-0, 13.50).

Crisp CF
Jaso C
Donaldson 3B
Lowrie SS
Cespedes LF
Reddick RF
Moss 1B
Smith DH
Sogard 2B
Pitching: RHP Bartolo Colon (12-3, 2.69).

Game time: 4:05 PM


What the sports betting experts predict is that the Red Sox will take this one in close fashion and get to 21 wins over .500. The Red Sox end up falling to the Oakland A’s, 3-2 in 11 innings. Brandon Workman had a stellar start but unfortunately Bartolo Colon matched his start and the A’s were able to pull it out with a Josh Donaldson RBI bloop single in the 11th inning.

Ryan Cook pitched 2 innings and got the win. Jonny Gomes was ejected from the game after he struck out in the 9th. The Red Sox have not won a series in Oakland since 2006 and have continuously struggled to take any series from the A’s.

The high point was the well pitched game by Brandon Workman. He worked 6.1 innings, allowing 2 hits, 2 earned runs, a walk, and 5 strikeouts. Breslow and Uehara allowed no runs in their relief.

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Time: 7:00 PM


Location: Yankee Stadium 

Yankee Stadium, Opening Day 2013, 9th Inning…EMPTY

Red Sox (1-0, 1-0 away)

Ellsbury CF
Nava DH
Pedroia 2B
Napoli 1B
Saltalamacchia C
Middlebrooks 3B
Victorino RF
Bradley LF
Iglesias SS
Pitching: Buchholz

Yankees (0-1, 0-1 home)

Gardner CF
Suzuki RF
Cano 2B
Youkilis 3B
Hafner DH
Wells LF
Overbay 1B
Nunez SS
Stewart C
Pitching: Kuroda

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The title of this piece is going to make a lot of Red Sox fans upset.  As a passionate Sox fan myself, it isn’t exactly fun to write.  The subject is being debated everywhere but the conclusion is often wrong.  Much as we may not like it starting Jackie Bradley Jr. in Pawtucket would have been the right thing to do.

If he was sent down, it wasn’t going to be a permanent banishment to Pawtucket; he would have missed 9 games out of 162. He would miss a measly 5.5% of the 2013 season in exchange for his team control for 100% of the 2019 season.  Even as tight of division race as everyone is predicting the AL East to be this year, what’s the impact of one hitter out of nine in the lineup over a sample size of nine games?  That’s the question that, if quantifiable, answers the debate of what to do with Bradley.  As a GM, Ben Cherington should be making the best BASEBALL decisions, not the best political decisions for these Sox.  Stick around after the jump, and you’ll see just how little impact the Sox lose without Bradley for 9 games.


Jackie Bradley the Paw Sock, or Jackie Bradley the Red Sox? Which has a better ring to it?

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Just in case you were wondering how things would be different with John Farrell at the helm, we have this: the first cuts of Spring Training include Drake Britton. Britton’s demotion is not much of a surprise in and of itself. He was a 100:1 shot to make the big league club at best. However, being one of the first cuts on a list of relative no-names and also rans might be considered a slight.

But now there’s news of Britton getting arrested for DUI over the weekend… and then sent to the minor league camp the same weekend. Bryce Brentz was a surprise non-invitee to the major league camp given the hot stove chatter that he was a dark horse candidate as the fourth or fifth outfielder. But Brentz misfired during the offseason, literally and figuratively, and he was given a clear and direct message about what the Red Sox think about him playing with guns.  Alfredo Aceves tested Farrell in the first week of camp, lobbing batting practice pitches rather than working on his arsenal, and he was met with both instant correction from Juan Nieves as well as a “discussion” with Farrell after his session.

This seems to be a pattern and a good one at that.

Farrell is direct about his expectations and deals with issues decisively. Rather than hang his players out to dry in the court of public opinion, he uses reasonable measures to communicate when expectations and conduct have fallen short. It remains to be seen how this style translates to game results but it seems reasonable to assume that the players will respond well to being like adults with both clear expectations and clear rewards/punishments guiding their conduct.

Red Sox fans: baseball is back! And so is this blog, hopefully!

Today was the first day of Spring Training workouts for the Red Sox pitchers and catchers, as well as a number of early-to-report position players, and we are only nine days away from the first split squad games  against Northeastern University and Boston College next Thursday.

Pedroia, Middlebrooks, Napoli, Ortiz take early BP. Photo courtesy of @RedSox

Pitchers and catchers were due to report voluntarily yesterday, and position players will report in a few days. The mandatory date for all non-World Baseball Classic players to report is February 20th. The Red Sox have three participants in the Classic this year: Xander Bogaerts (Netherlands), Alfredo Aceves (Mexico) and Shane Victorino (USA). Bogaerts is with the club right now and will be for the next two weeks before he heads to Arizona to work out with his national team and eventually heads to Taiwan for pool play. Victorino is at camp, but will miss about three weeks of time starting on March 1st, which is a little bit of a concern for the team. Manager John Farrell has repeatedly stressed the importance of Ellsbury, who reported early, and Victorino to get as many reps playing next to each other in the outfield as possible. Aceves has been with the team for two years now, so his brief departure is of little concern.

The first club workout was held this morning and the first full squad practice will take place on Friday.

Today’s news and links

The big story of the day was Clay Buchholz, who strained his hamstring in a pitcher fielding practice drill only hours into day one of camp. He will be re-evaluated on Wednesday. A large collective sigh could be heard from Red Sox fans growing impatient with Buchholz’s perceived injury proneness, but  Buchholz downplayed the injury saying the strain was as “mild as it can be” and that he expects to be back by the weekend. Either way, this is not the way the Red Sox, who used the DL more than any team in baseball last year, wanted to start camp.

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It has certainly been an interesting offseason for the Boston Red Sox.  They have teased many big time acquisitions for the team but have rarely pulled the trigger on said targets.  That was certainly not the case this past Monday, however, when the team announced that they had signed all star shortstop Stephen Drew to a one year deal to play for the team.  Whether Drew is a success or utter failure, you can bet he will affect how the Red Sox are seen as it pertains to MLB picks for the 2013 season.

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With so much going on during the offseason, many have been wondering what the Boston Red Sox will do to improve their chances for the playoffs in 2013.  Apparently, one of their major plans is to improve their outfield as they have firmly set their sights on free agent outfielder/first baseman Nick Swisher.  With the addition of him, the Red Sox may become logical MLB picks for the upcoming season.

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The Boston Red Sox are still on the lookout for a pitcher that can fill the void that the team has had over the last few years.  As a team, they have struggled recently to produce quality pitching that will lead them back to the holy grail that is the World Series.  With so many prospects at their finger tips, they have firmly set their sights on a few high profile players.  Of said players, the ones that jump out the most as possible candidates for the team are San Francisco’s Brian Wilson, former Met Mike Pelfrey and the recent cut from the Nationals, lefty sensation John Lannan.

With Wilson, a lot of it is the star power that he brings to the team.  He is a proven commodity who has two World Series rings under his belt with the Giants, so they know he can be reliable in big match situations.  He is also a closer, which is something the Red Sox sorely need at this moment in time.  They will need to shell out a lot of money to get him, however, which lowers his worth to the team.

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