It would be criminal not to liveblog Will Middlebrooks’s first MLB game, so here it is!

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Yup, it’s LiveBlog time!

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It's Beckett time

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Felix Doubront

It's Prince Felix time!

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10:44 PM

Phew. Ballgame over, Red Sox win.

10:37 PM

1. more. strike.

10:34 PM

Here we f***ing go.

10:26 PM

I didn’t know that Papelbon had a Rivera strike zone.

10:18 PM

What an amazingly consistant strike zone.

10:08 PM

I thought for sure that was gone. Wow.

10:05 PM

This is not good.

10:00 PM

Lavarnway looks way better behind the plate than Salty.

9:45 PM

JD Drew showing emotion!

9:44 PM

Ryan Lavarnway is god.

9:29 PM

Fan on the field! And the Rays take the lead.

9:28 PM

Iglesias/Scutaro 2012. That’s my slogan.

9:22 PM

And it’s an seven to THREE ballgame. No lead feels safe with this team.

9:10 PM

I got a shortstop on my mind, Scu Scu Scutaro!

9:08 PM


8:56 PM

Amazing catch by Nick Mark robs Lavarnway of the RBI. This has the makings of a very interesting game.

8:34 PM

Thanks for the great start Bedard…

8:27 PM

Just wow. Way to let them get back in it Bedard.

8:19 PM

I think we need some of this.

8:15 PM

Ryan Lavarnway. Not much more needs to be said.

8:13 PM

Get bent ump.

8:04 PM

Attaway Bedard. Now, if only the Red Sox score 10 more runs I can feel comfortable.

7:45 PM

Wow. Just wow. Ellsbury slams a homer to right to give the Sox the lead. MVP? Yes.

7:39 PM

Whoever said that Lavarnway needs work behind the plate looks very wrong. Perfect throw to 3rd to nail Jones and throw to 1st to end the inning. This guy looks pretty good.

7:34 PM

P. Diddy just posted this on Facebook. Words of wisdom for Sox fans.

7:29 PM

Easy 1-2-3 inning for Britton. I’m coming close to putting my face in a lawn mower.

7:24 PM

Orioles strike first as always. Lavarnway didn’t look bad behind the plate at all, in fact a lot better than Salty.

7:18 PM

There’s that 142 million dollar defense.

7:12 PM

Wonderful double play by Ortiz to end the Red Sox half of the 1st. Typical…

7:00 PM

Almost gametime. It’s hard to express how nervous I am right now.

6:42 PM

Not a bad lineup at all tonight, good to see Lavarnway in the lineup finally. It’s do or die time, let’s go.

11:33 PM

Ugh… questionable call. K zone says it hit the corner, but I don’t think he called that pitch a strike all night. Oh well, on to the next one!  It’s been fun guys, but I’m out



11:31 PM

Single!! Scutaro singles!!! Adrian Gonzalez, another MVP candidate, batting with the bases loaded against the future hall of fame yankee closer! I can feel the energy in Fenway all the way from Connecticut! C’mon Sox!!

11:29 PM

Ellsbury with a walk! Scutaro to bat with the tying run and fastest runner on first! Let’s go Sox!!

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12:28 AM

Josh Reddick with a walk off double! It’s nice to be back in sole possession of 1st place isn’t it fellas?

12:07 AM

Rivera blew the save! Scutaro is my new god and starting shortstop. Mo does not like facing the Red Sox, does he. On to extra innings.

12:01 AM

Thanks for showing how good Rivera is ESPN. We had no idea.

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10:20 PM

Red Sox lose, tough loss today. Wakefield was great tonight, too bad our offense couldn’t do anything.

10:13 PM

The hitting streak looks to be over for Pedroia.

10:03 PM

Another 1-2-3 inning for the Red Sox. Wakefield isn’t getting 200 tonight

9:57 PM

Let’s get some runs here to get Wake #200. Continue reading »

9:49 PM

Papelbon tried to make it interesting but McDonald and Varitek make a perfect play to end the game though it looked like he was safe.

9:47 PM

McDonald earning some brownie points as the Red Sox win!

9:41 PM

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9:36 PM

And that’s the game. Bastardo records his first save as the closer of the Phreakin Phils. Lackey pitched well above expectations, but the offense did not show up today.

Well, that’s all for me folks. Let’s hope Boston can avoid the sweep tomorrow.

9:33 PM

Big Papi records the 2 out. Let’s go Salty!

9:32 PM

Bastardo in to try to close the door. Youk flies out to start the 9th.

9:27 PM

Franklin Morales comes in to the game and quickly gets Ryan Howard to fly out. Top of the ninth inning. It’s now or never. Continue reading »

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