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BloodySox Draft Recap

It’s Thursday and all three days of the 2012 First Year player draft are in the books. With the new CBA rules in place, the Sox had an interesting draft strategy: They focused on college players on the first day, low leverage college players (mostly seniors) in rounds 5-10 and later in the draft, plus some high upside signability high school players in between. The Red Sox hope to save money on most college players in order to sign some of these tough sign without going over their bonus pool. Which is $6,884,800 for the first 10 rounds. After the tenth round, bonuses  more than 100K count towards the bonus pool. If a team fails to sign a pick, the team loses slot money to the bonus. There are severe penalties for teams that over their pool, including fines and loss of draft picks for next year’s draft. That said, here’s a list of the best prospects the Sox have drafted over this week, in parenthesis their draft prospect ranking by Baseball America’s top 500 and Perfect Game’s top 250:

Round-Pick, Player, Position (Rank)

1-24: Deven Marrero, SS (BA 14, PG 14)

1-31: Brian Johnson, LHP (BA 39, PG 37)