It has certainly been an interesting offseason for the Boston Red Sox.  They have teased many big time acquisitions for the team but have rarely pulled the trigger on said targets.  That was certainly not the case this past Monday, however, when the team announced that they had signed all star shortstop Stephen Drew to a one year deal to play for the team.  Whether Drew is a success or utter failure, you can bet he will affect how the Red Sox are seen as it pertains to MLB picks for the 2013 season.

Drew, who has played in the league since 2006 when he was called up from the Arizona Diamond Backs Triple A squad to replace an injured player, made a name for himself over the past six years and will certainly be reaping the benefits of it in Boston.  He will be paid over nine million dollars to take up the short stop position for the team and will be offered another half million in bonuses if he performs up to standard.  This is a great deal for the player and could lead him to much bigger success than he has already seen.  This is also the case for Boston, who has been on the lookout for a good short stop for the past few years.  If they can all get their ducks in a row and start winning games, this could very well be a an extremely lucrative situation for all involved.

As it pertains to huge acquisitions the Boston Red Sox could get in the 2012 offseason, few rank as high as Stephen Drew.  He offers a refreshing situation for the teams infield and could very well help them to another World Series.  It all depends on whether he comes out to play or not in 2013.

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