With so much going on during the offseason, many have been wondering what the Boston Red Sox will do to improve their chances for the playoffs in 2013.  Apparently, one of their major plans is to improve their outfield as they have firmly set their sights on free agent outfielder/first baseman Nick Swisher.  With the addition of him, the Red Sox may become logical MLB picks for the upcoming season.

One of the main reasons Swisher would be such a good fit in Boston is the fact that he is a switch hitter that would immensely help their struggles on offense.  The team did not look good at all behind the plate in 2012 and needs all the help they can get going forward into the upcoming season.  While Swisher would help them out a great deal, the team reportedly is hesitant to sign him to the six year contract he wants, and there are a few other teams that have their sights on the player.  With the Indians reportedly very interested in Swisher, Boston will need to figure out a deal that they want to make for him soon if they want his help in the 2013 season.  If not, then they will surely be playing against him next season and many more to come.

When it comes to players that would help get the Red Sox out of their slump in the 2013 season, Nick Swisher has got to be at the top of the list.  He offers expertise in areas that the team has been struggling with and would surely wave the Red Sox flag high.  He does come with a price, however, and Boston will have to decide whether they want to pay it soon if they want him on their team.  Otherwise, he will surely end up on another ball club come this time next season.

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