The Boston Red Sox are still on the lookout for a pitcher that can fill the void that the team has had over the last few years.  As a team, they have struggled recently to produce quality pitching that will lead them back to the holy grail that is the World Series.  With so many prospects at their finger tips, they have firmly set their sights on a few high profile players.  Of said players, the ones that jump out the most as possible candidates for the team are San Francisco’s Brian Wilson, former Met Mike Pelfrey and the recent cut from the Nationals, lefty sensation John Lannan.

With Wilson, a lot of it is the star power that he brings to the team.  He is a proven commodity who has two World Series rings under his belt with the Giants, so they know he can be reliable in big match situations.  He is also a closer, which is something the Red Sox sorely need at this moment in time.  They will need to shell out a lot of money to get him, however, which lowers his worth to the team.

A player they could get at a relatively cheaper price but with a higher risk of failure is former Met Pelfrey.  He packs a wallop as a pitcher but can become unreliable at times when he is under pressure.  He would be a gamble for the team for sure, but at a reduced price tag he may not be such a risk.

Lastly, Lannan would be a good addition to the team if they were looking to get a left handed pitcher in the mix.  He can strike out the best hitters in the league but may not be exactly what the team is currently looking for.

Overall, any one of these pitchers would higher the Red Sox worth as viable MLB picks in the 2013 season.  It all comes down to who they choose to pick up before the season starts.

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