One of the biggest stories coming out of the offseason antics of MLB teams has been what the Boston Red Sox will do to pull out of the nose dive they have been in for the past few years.  They finished with their worst record since 1965 last season and need to do something to get back into the thick of things.  With the rumor that they have set their sights on Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer, they just may be doing that.  If they can get Mauer to their team, the Boston Red Sox may be viable MLB picks yet again in 2013.

One of the biggest additions Mauer will add to the team is his hitting.  The Sox have lacked in a big, powerhouse hitter for a little while now and Mauer could be just what the team needs to get them back into the playoffs, maybe as early as 2013.  They will need to move some things around so secure him as a player on the team, but they look like they are willing to make those sacrifices.  The team has always liked Mauer, and he has had kind things to say about them in interviews as well.  Many report that he was considering signing with the team before resigning with the Twins a little while back.  If he were to sign with the Red Sox, also, the team would not have to worry about whether his contract without the Twins would come into question.  The Red Sox have recently freed up quite a bit of money after a big trade with the Dodgers that could help them get Mauer as soon as the beginning of this season.

When it comes to players that could be a great fit for the Boston Red Sox, Joe Mauer is at the top of the list.  It now all comes down to whether the Twins want to get rid of them and will take a reasonable trade for this star caliber player.

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