After losing a great deal of hitting power by trading Adrian Gonzalez this past year, the Boston Red Sox have surely been on the lookout for a great new person to add as a huge hitter for the team.  They have had their eyes on Mike Napoli for quite some time, and this could end up being a reality if the star agrees to start playing first base primarily and not play catcher as much.  By adding Napoli to the lineup, the Boston Red Sox could become sure fire MLB picks yet again at the start of the season.

Napoli’s biggest strength to the team if he were to be picked up would be his hitting.  The Red Sox have made it pretty clear that they would use him as designated hitter and try to get him to a point where he was hitting more home runs for them than he ever did with the Texas Rangers.  With a great hitting percentage at Fenway Park, it would be a no brainer for the team to pursue him greatly and try to sign him to a deal.  They have enough money to offer the 31 year old player a great deal and ensure that he is happy when he finally moves out to Boston to play for the team.  It all really comes down to if he wants to agree to play first base throughout the year rather than catcher.  That looks to be the ultimate deal breaker at this particular moment in time.

All things considered, adding Mike Napoli to the Boston Red Sox line up would be a great fit for both sides of the equation.  If they can find a way to work out a deal and ensure that they are both happy with the deal, this could certainly be a match made in heaven.

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