After going into free agency in the 2012 MLB offseason, current Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton quickly became a number one get for most every team in the league.  One of the teams at the top of the list of suitors for him are the Boston Red Sox.  They have made it known that they intended to sign him to a deal and want to get it done before the start of the 2013 season.

One of the reasons the Red Sox would be wise to grab Hamilton is because of his power at bat.  The team has been lacking big time play makers for the last few seasons and acquiring him would surely help to fill that void.  He can hit a home run in any situation in any game so having him at their disposal will help out Boston in many ways.  With Adrian Gonzalez leaving the team this year, adding Hamilton to the team will help fill the void left by Gonzalez after his departure.  They need much more than just David Ortiz as a home run threat for the team at this stage in the game.

Also, being a left handed hitter will help Hamilton hit home runs more easily in Fenway park as they have an extremely short right field fence.  By adding this advantage, he will be able to hit even more home runs over the season which will lend even more help to a team like Boston who is in dire need of a winning season.

By adding Josh Hamilton to the team, the Boston Red Sox value when it comes to MLB picks for the season will shoot up dramatically.  He is a piece of the puzzle that the team will need if they want to make a run towards the World Series in the 2013 season.


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