While the Boston Red Sox already have a great deal of catchers at their disposal, they have still continued to come after free agent Mike Napoli.  While he is not a needed asset for the team at this moment, the addition of him could help the Red Sox become viable MLB picks going into the 2013 season.  Napoli is just too good of a catcher to pass up for a team like the Sox who need to make big moves in the offseason.

Boston already has three catchers on their roster, that being their 2012 starter, Jarrod Saltalamacchi, minor leaguer Ryan Lavarnway and former back up to the Atlanta Braves, David Ross.  They certainly do not absolutely need to add Napoli to their group, but it could help them in certain areas that the other players lack.  Many believe that adding Napoli to the team could mean he may be used as a first baseman i certain situations and sit in as catcher if need be.  This could make him more of an asset to the team that if he were just coming in the catcher position for the team. The only problem with this proposition is the fact that Napoli wants to remain a catcher and may be hard to persuade into taking over at the first base position.  While he certainly has his options, passing up a big deal to go to Boston over a position change may end up being a foolish decision for Napoli.   He needs to keep all his priorities straight when deciding.

Going into the 2012 offseason, the Boston Red Sox have plenty of options as it pertains to who they can pick up.  Going with Mike Napoli could be a great decision if he is willing to play first base.  If not, he should be a player that the team ultimately passes on.

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