Things are starting to heat up in the American League East, as designated hitter David Ortiz has been resigned by Boston, a move that may make the Red Sox one of the legitimate MLB picks for the 2013 season.   Ortiz is a big asset to the team for a number of reasons,  one of which being his great hitting ability and the other being his longevity as a threat on defense.  With these two going for him, he has certainly earned the right to be resigned by one of the most well renowned teams in Baseball.

Ortiz had his season cut short in 2012 due to an Achilles heel injury.  He played 90 games and had a batting percentage of .318 and 23 home runs.  While not the most awe inspiring stats in the world, they are extremely good for someone of Ortiz’s age and experience.  If he can bounce back from the injury and play stronger in 2013, he will prove to be an extremely important acquisition for a Red Sox team that has struggled over the last few years.  They need to build the team around stable players, and Ortiz is definitely one of them.  While they are getting new and younger players throughout the year, they will be able to rest assured that Ortiz will be mentoring them with each passing game.  The Red Sox truly do need this if they want to find a way back into the World Series over the course of the next few years.  Otherwise, they will be aimlessly going from game to game with no direction.

If the Boston Red Sox wish to become a dominant team in Major League Baseball again, they need to start making more deals like the one they just brokered with David Ortiz.  If they can do this, then they will certainly become a team to be feared yet again in not only the AL East, but in all of Baseball.

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