The Boston Red Sox have holes up and down the lineup, including left field, first base and the starting rotation. However, one of the trickier spots that the Red Sox have to decide upon is what to do at shortstop.

As of right now, they do have an option in Jose Iglesias. The 22-year-old Cuban has spent one year in the majors and has already proven to be an elite fielder. However, the problem is that the he batted .118 this season and at this point, the Red Sox – given how bad their batting order is – can handle having him take up one of the spots.

On one hand, experts who follow baseball and make their MLB picks will suggest that he’s still very young. He’s had limited at-bats (just 74 in his career) and that his hitting can improve over time. That’s a reasonable assessment – especially since we are talking about someone who is 22 and not 32. At the same time, Red Sox Nation is not one to sit around and be patient and the team might not be able to afford having an unproductive shortstop.

The problem is that there aren’t many shortstops available that can offer the pop the Red Sox are looking for. Marco Scutaro will be a free agent and while he’s had an excellent season in San Francisco, it’s unclear if the Red Sox would really want to bring him back. Another option could be Stephen Drew but he’s no sure thing either.

The BoSox may have to stick it out with Iglesias and hope that his hitting improves over the course of the next season. He’s probably better as a part-time player this early in his career but the Red Sox are short on options at the shortstop position.

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