The Boston Red Sox have a number of offseason decisions to make and while the organization clearly needs help from the outside, they also need to make some important assessments internally too. One of those such choices that the Red Sox will have to make is to which catcher they want to use going forward: Jarrod Saltalamacchia or Ryan Lavarnway.

On one hand, the Red Sox would love to keep Saltalamacchia’s power around because he hit 25 home runs in 2012. In case you’re keeping track, Saltalamacchia actually led the team in that category and only two other players (Cody Ross and David Ortiz) finished with more than 15 home runs. Without his 25 home runs, the Red Sox would have finished with just 140 on the year and only four other American League teams had less.

However, people who make their MLB picks know that the issue with Saltalamacchia is that he can’t hit for average. He batted just .222 this season and is a career .239 hitter. He also batted just .200 after the All-Star break.

The team’s other option is Lavarnway, who is just 25-year-old. He had just 153 at-bats this season and might be in line for more if the Red Sox decide to try and develop or see what the youngster has. He didn’t provide a whole lot this season as he batted just .157 with two home runs, 12 RBI’s and 11 runs scored.

Whether the Red Sox choose to go with Saltalamacchia or Lavarnway, the bottom line is they need more production out of the position. They can probably live with Saltalamacchia assuming the rest of the other provides the average but overall, they might need to look outside the organization if they want to get more out of the catcher position.

One Response to “Red Sox Must Make Decision At Catcher”

  1. Theo did it again!! He could not wait to get salty and our best home grown catcher can’t bat 200. They are also the worst duo in the majors for throwing out base stealers. GREAT JOB!!

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