The Boston Red Sox had their worst season in 47 years and unsurprisingly, it cost manager Bobby Valentine his job. He was canned after just one year on duty and now the Red Sox have replaced him with former Toronto Blue Jays manager John Farrell.

Fans, MLB odds makers and the media aren’t exactly sure what to make of the move. In many ways, it would be hard for Valentine to be any worse than Valentine was. Valentine clashed with coaches, criticized players and ultimately couldn’t get the team to perform to their potential.

At the same time, nobody is really certain that Farrell is the man best-suited to take this team back to the promise land. Farrell managed the Blue Jays over the last two seasons to a record of 154-170, which is a winning percentage of 47.5. That’s not exactly a great success. While he managed the Jays, he didn’t show any particular redeeming qualities, such as guiding any one area of the team to overachieve or look better than it did before he got there. Instead, the Jays – and Farrell – looked very average, which is why it’s peculiar that the Red Sox wanted him so badly.

Boston was forced to trade infielder Mike Aviles to acquire Farrell, which isn’t much to give up. He’s an average utility man who batted .250 with 13 home runs and 60 RBI’s in 136 games last season. Still, they could have just hired someone else and not had to give anything up.

Farrell should have more to work with in Boston than he did in Toronto but the pressure will ramp up on him significantly. If he puts forth another 75-win season, he might only last a year.

The Red Sox made a bold move to get their man but nobody is entirely certain that he’s the right man for the job.



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