Carl Crawford Sets Surgery Date For Thursday

Please don’t make me play another game with this elbow..

As was widely expected, Red Sox outfielder Carl Crawford, the Boston medical staff, and the famous Dr. James Andrews all concurred that Crawford’s elbow was not getting any better, and that he would need to undergo Tommy John surgery, typically known as a procedure for pitchers.  On August 5th, Bloodysox posted an article arguing that Crawford should be scheduling his surgery immediately.

While Crawford has been one of the Red Sox best hitters this month, that article was written at a time when the team was 53-55 and clinging desperately on to playoff hopes.  Since then, the Sox have gone 6-8 and continue to spiral further and further out of the wild card race, sitting a cool 7.5 games back of the Rays and Orioles, with the Athletics, Tigers, and Angels all ahead of them.

Shutting Crawford down now is the right thing to do.  He’s obviously in pain, and the Sox have been no better or worse with him out there—he hasn’t been a game-changer since his return, despite playing well.  Tommy John surgery for position players typically takes seven to nine months to heal, putting Crawford in the late March to late May range for his return.  Perhaps this rehabilitation process will be quick and by mid-April, we’ll finally be able to see a healthy, productive Crawford, a man who dreadfully wants to live up to the pressures of the giant contract he signed with the team.

We wish Crawford the best of luck in his surgery and a speedy recovery!






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