Bobby Valentine Plans to Go to Six Man Rotation

For at least the time being, Bobby V intends to use a 6 man starting rotation. Even with the Neckett returning from the DL this Saturday, Franklin Morales and Aaron Cook will both gets starts over the next 6 games.

On the subject, Valentine said “Well, I always think you need 10 starters. I felt you leave Spring Training with 10 starters, because when you have a day when someone has to be skipped and you don’t want to put him on the DL and you pluck someone from the Minor Leagues, you want to pluck the guy who’s ready to pitch on that day. We didn’t really build that full 10, but we were close. You know, if ever a guy is out of gas, it might be now. It’s not necessarily even a physical thing. You start looking at the finish line and you lose a stride. I think when a guy has that extra day, you can kind of put aside the idea that he’s tired.”

Franklin Morales, who pitched last night against the Mariners, has been surprisingly good in the new role. He has a 2.00 ERA over 18 innings pitched with 24 K’s in the 3 starts he has made. The other former Colorado Rockie Aaron Cook has made just 1 start since returning from the DL. He allowed 2 runs over 5 innings in a win over the Atlanta Braves this past week.

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