Interview with Nathan Minnich

Nathan Minnich was the Red Sox 8th round draft pick this year. Minnich is a left handed 1st baseman who dominated Division 2 baseball for Shepherd Rams. This year, he hit a ridiculous .487/.645/.980 with 21 home runs, 12 doubles, and 72 RBI in 52 games. He also walked 62 times while only striking out 24 times. Thanks to these amazing stats, he won the Tino Martinez award. The Tino Martinez award is given to the top player in Division 2 baseball. He was also named the national player of the year by the National College Baseball Writers of America, Rawlings/American Baseball Coaches Association, and he was a unanimous All-American.

Nathan Minnich did nothing but impress for the Rams during his college career, but he still has to prove he can hit against superior competition. While Minnich is capable of adjusting to better pitching, it’ll be a tough transition for him.

Either way, he has a lot of power and is known for having excellent plate discipline. He is expected to start the season at Lowell as a bench player, according to

Andrew Rodriguez: What was it like being drafted by the Red Sox?

Nathan Minnich: Getting drafted by the Red Sox was an amazing experience, getting drafted in general was a dream come true. But for it to be by a legendary team like the Red Sox just makes it all that better because everyone knows the name whether it be someone who doesn’t watch baseball in Washington State or an avid baseball watcher.

Andrew Rodriguez: Do you plan to sign soon?

Nathan Minnich: I have already signed

Andrew Rodriguez: What would you say is the best aspect of your game?

Nathan Minnich: I would say hitting is by far the best aspect of my game, because that is where I am the most comfortable and confident. That isn’t to say that I am not confident on defense.

Andrew Rodriguez: What aspect of your game would you like to improve upon?

Nathan Minnich: Defensively, because when you feel that it isn’t the best part of your game, there is room for improvement.

Andrew Rodriguez: Describe your approach at the plate.

Nathan Minnich: I try to keep my approach as simple as it can get, “see ball, hit ball.” Keeping it simple helps a lot. But if you are looking for more of if I go up and just try to hit homeruns, no, I just try to get on base whether it be by a walk, HBP, single, double, triple, HR. Also I try to work in a little bit of opposite field hits.

Andrew Rodriguez: What was it like being named the best Division 2 player in the country and winning the Tino Martinez award?

Nathan Minnich: It was a huge honor to be names the D2 national player of the year, I came close last year and I wanted it badly this year. I am greatful that I had the year that I did in order to accomplish all that I did and be rewarded all the accolades that I was awarded.

Andrew Rodriguez: Are there any MLB players you’d compare yourself to hitting wise?

Nathan Minnich: I personally don’t compare my hitting to anyone, but I have been compared to MLB players by others. For example I was compared to Matt Adams, him being a D2 player also and the same approach and other aspects our hitting abilities.

Andrew Rodriguez: Did you have any idea the Red Sox were going to draft you?

Nathan Minnich: Early in the year I thought so because they were at every game and showed a lot of interest but half way through the year they kind of fell off the map so to speak, and I didn’t talk to the scout other then maybe once a month with just brief check up calls, then came draft day and they called. I was very surprised.

Andrew Rodriguez: How well do you think your defensive skills right now will transfer over to the pro game?

Nathan Minnich: I feel that all my abilities in the field will transfer over well to the pro level game.

Andrew Rodriguez: Did you have any favorite teams growing up?

Nathan Minnich: No

Andrew Rodriguez: Did you have any favorite players growing up?

Nathan Minnich: I LOVED Ken Griffey Jr. He won like 5-6 HR derbies in a row, and had the best swing in baseball.

Andrew Rodriguez: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Nathan Minnich: I enjoy just hanging out with friends and family, whether it be inside of having a cookout playing some backyard games. But if I am not with my family I enjoy playing my PS3 and being outdoors doing things like hunting, off-roading (truck and ATV).

Andrew Rodriguez: Who is your favorite music artist?

Nathan Minnich: I really don’t have a favorite, I do pretty much only listen to country music though. So probably Brantley Gilbert.

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