Interview with Henry Owens

Henry Owens was drafted by the Red Sox in the supplementary first round in 2010. He ended up signing for $1,550,000, a hefty fee for a supplemental first rounder. The money will not be spent in vain though, as Owens is a top-notch prospect and has front of the rotation potential. He is projected by to start out the season in Greenville, which is a testament to how far along Owens already is, even though he’s only 19. He has been underrated going into 2012, much of that is due to him not throwing a professional pitch yet. But when scouts see what he can do this year he won’t be underrated much longer.

Henry Owens

Andrew Rodriguez: What has minor league spring training been like this year so far?

Henry Owens: Exciting to say the least. The new facilities are unbelievable and the competition is awesome.

Andrew Rodriguez: What would you say is your best pitch?

Henry Owens: My fastball.

Andrew Rodriguez: What is your greatest strength as a player?

Henry Owens: My mental strength. I’ve dealt with a lot of adversity in the game of baseball, both on and off the field, which has helped me mentally.

Andrew Rodriguez: What aspect of your game you’€™d say you’d like to improve in?

Henry Owens: Pitching efficiently. It will allow me to pitch deeper into games and give my team a better chance of winning.

Andrew Rodriguez: What kind of pitcher would you say you are, a power pitcher or an off-speed pitcher?

Henry Owens: Power pitcher

Andrew Rodriguez: How comfortable do you feel throwing your breaking stuff?

Henry Owens: I feel very comfortable. I have always been able to throw my curve in any count and vary the velocity of the pitch.

Andrew Rodriguez: Are there any pitchers that you would compare yourself to?

Henry Owens: I haven’t even came close to deserving a comparison but would love to someday be compared to the great Sandy Koufax.

Andrew Rodriguez: What was it like on draft day to be selected by the Red Sox?

Henry Owens: Words cannot describe the feeling when your name gets called. My entire family and a few friends began chanting “Sweet Caroline”.

Andrew Rodriguez: Was it a hard decision for you to go pro over going to college?

Henry Owens: My dream since I was twelve was to pitch in the bigs so for me to get a chance to fulfill that dream earlier then not made the decision a little easier.

Andrew Rodriguez: Do you have any idea where you will start the season at?

Henry Owens: Not to my knowledge. I’m very excited to get out and give my team, whichever I’m on, a chance to win.

Andrew Rodriguez: What team did you grow up rooting for and why?

Henry Owens: The Angels. They were my home town SoCal team

Andrew Rodriguez: What player did you grow up idolizing and why?

Henry Owens: Randy Johnson. I’ve always been a tall, lanky lefty that has thrown hard.

Andrew Rodriguez: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Henry Owens: I read a lot and love anything with music, listening/playing/learning. I play guitar and I’m just now learning piano.

Andrew Rodriguez: Who is your favorite music artist?

Henry Owens: John Mayer as an artist and The Smiths as a band

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