Interview with Alex Hassan

Alex Hassan is a 23 year old outfielder who spent all last year playing for the Portland Sea Dogs. Hassan is a Massachusetts native who grew up in Milton. He was drafted by the Red Sox in the 20th round of the 2009 draft. Hassan has done nothing but impress since being drafted by the Sox. He is known for his excellent plate discipline and ability to grind out at bats. He received an invite from the Red Sox to be a part of Major League spring training and played against the Twins today, walking twice in 2 plate appearances. He is projected to start in Portland this year, although I think he should start off in Pawtucket based on his performance last year for the Sea Dogs. We thank Hassan for taking time out of his day to do an interview with us and wish him the best of luck!

Andrew Rodriguez: What was it like being drafted by the Red Sox after growing up in Massachusetts?

Alex Hassan: It was a dream come true to be drafted, period. Being drafted by the Red Sox made it a lot more special.

Andrew Rodriguez: When did you decide to convert from a pitcher to a hitter and why did you make that decision?

Alex Hassan: I didn’t make the decision. The Red Sox told me I would be playing in the outfield.

Andrew Rodriguez: What would you say is your best attribute as a player?

Alex Hassan: My ability to improve my whole game.

Andrew Rodriguez: What aspect of your game would you like to improve upon?

Alex Hassan: I want to work hard on defense, offense and baserunning all the time.

Andrew Rodriguez: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Alex Hassan: In my free time I like to hang out with my friends, go shopping, or go to the movies.

Andrew Rodriguez: Who is your favorite music artist?

Alex Hassan: My favorite artist is Adele.

Andrew Rodriguez: What is your walkup music?

Alex Hassan: Juicy by Notorious BIG

Andrew Rodriguez: What was it like playing at Fenway Park during the Futures at Fenway game?

Alex Hassan: Futures at Fenway was a great experience. I had a blast with teammates and friends.

Andrew Rodriguez: Who was your favorite player growing up?

Alex Hassan: Manny Ramirez and Vladimir Guerrero

Andrew Rodriguez: What was it like being a pitcher and a hitter at Duke? Was it difficult?

Alex Hassan: Pitching and hitting at Duke was a lot of fun, I miss being able to do both sometimes.

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  • adc0317

    Alex hommered in the Futures game in 2011. I am doing a study of ballplayers who have homered in the same ballparks as major leagues and minor leaguers. Hopefully Alex will join the group someday. Carlos Pena and Daniel Nava have done it at Fenway.