Top 20 Red Sox Prospects: #20 Oscar Tejeda

In the next 20 days I’ll be doing a capsule for each of the top 20 Red Sox prospects. Let’s start it off with Oscar Tejeda, 22 year old second baseman who is my 20th ranked prospect in the Red Sox system.

Oscar Tejeda

Tejeda was widely regarded as the Red Sox top second baseman prospect going into 2010. A lot has changed in the last year. Tejeda hit .249/.297/.339 (.636 OPS) with 5 home runs and 24 doubles. He struck out 101 times in 123 games and didn’t look comfortable at the plate. He could never get into a rhythm all year long and was clearly overmatched.

But all is not lost with Tejeda. He still has loads of potential and should benefit from having another full year for Portland. One must remember that he’s only 22 years old and is still raw at the plate. His biggest problem right now is that his plate patience is severely lacking. He is still having problems adjusting to breaking balls although he is improving in that field.

Another concern with Tejeda is his defense. He still has problems focusing in the field and has a tendency to make dumb errors. He has a very good arm (think Robinson Cano) though he still needs to work on his range.

Although Tejeda struggled mightily in 2011, he is still young and has a very high ceiling. He is a potential 5 tool player if he realizes his full potential and is a definite sleeper going into 2012.

ETA: Late 2013

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