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When you need to borrow money quickly because of an emergency, payday loans can be extremely helpful. They are a short term loan that is typically borrowed until you get your next employment cheque. Apply today for a loan from Bloodysox.

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Quick payday loan is an unsecured loan where a customer can borrow a small amount of money and should be paid upon the next payday. The loan is unsecured so there is no collateral needed to borrow the money. The loan scheme doesn't need guarantor as well.

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The application process is quick and easy compared to other loan methods. Quick payday loan companies may offer services where money can be borrowed and the application is approved in a matter of hours from submitting the necessary documents.

Several companies offer processing loan as fast as 15 minutes. Quick payday loan system can be used by a customer who needs money as fast as possible. It caters customer who needs money in urgent situations like medical emergencies and other unexpected expenses.

In the United Kingdom, the loan may amount from 50 to 2500. Annual percentage rate (A.P.R.) ranges from 1255% to 1700%. Quick payday loan scheme is regulated and approved by the Financial Conduct Authority or FCA of the United Kingdom.

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There are several payday loan companies that offer convenient method for borrowing money. Application may be done in person, online or through mobile messaging. There are several online brokers that helps borrower find the right quick payday loan company with terms that fit their loan needs. Direct application to lenders is also an option, which could is cheaper compared to having to go through a broker. Quick payday loan companies may ask for proof of capability of payment such as employment documents. Unemployed applicants are rejected. The minimum age for borrowing is 18 years old. Credit history is not considered during application, so any loans defaulted in past will not affect the current transaction.[read more]

Lending companies don't consider the credit score of the customer, so all customer has equal chance for the loan to be approved upon application. Processing of lending is fast, which may last from 15 minutes to 2 hours. After approval, the money is wire transferred to the borrower's bank account. Repayment may be done through continuous payment authority, where the lending company may take the money directly from the borrower's bank account. The customer may opt to cancel the payment system, but should find a different way on paying the debt. Customer should be aware that late payment may incur additional penalty. Payment is flexible. For small amount of loan, the payment can be done on the next payday of around 15 days after the loan was made.[read more]

For amounts up to 1000, payment may be done for 3 to 5 months on a monthly payment basis. One should take note, however, that the longer the length of payments, the higher the interest may apply. The minimum loan for quick payday loan is 50 which is relatively low, meaning there is less chance for a customer to loan money more than the actual amount needed, as compared to other loans where the minimum is around 500. However, the maximum amount of loan is around 2000, if a customer would need any amount higher than that, he or she may opt to avail other type of loans that would offer larger amount of money. A great company to get a loan like this from is Payday Loans Now.[read more]

In applying for a quick payday loan, customer should make sure that the company is licensed or authorized by the FCA to operate, to make sure that the customer is protected. A borrower may also want to take time to look for the best lending company with the lowest interest of lowest interest or processing fee. Make sure that the terms are fully understood, including the amount paid every month, interest and other fees, and penalties for late payment.[read more]

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